Our classes use a variety of music from Top 40, Old School, Rock, and Electronic/Dance. Classes are ever-changing and always different to keep your muscles confused, and clients looking forward to a fun and unique workout experience! The room is dark with minimum colored floor lighting, is sanitized daily, and kept around 65 degrees with fans oscillating throughout the class.


Classes can included a bonus burn and sculpt when we incorporate arms with light/no weights while clients keep their legs spinning on the bikes.


We have themed classes throughout the year: 70s, 80s, 90s, and special holiday classes.

Breathe Yoga

Yoga & Meditation for Every Body

From foundations to more advanced classes, we offer sessions for every person - kids to retirees. Come find peace, relaxation, and renewal as you take time to pause, connect, reflect, dream, and grow. 

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total body training | droppin' beats & booties

Our classes provide a total body workout combining a variety or training methods like HIIT (high intensity interval training), dynamic strength training, and flexibility. We'll do everything from athletic drills and circuits, to weight lifting, body weight training, and power yoga inspired moves...all to killer beats.


This entire workout is inspired by music and "the beat drop." You know that feeling when the music ramps up & you go off? It'll have you dripping in sweat and kicking your own booty without even realizing it because you'll be having fun doing it.