MDH Tournament Team


Tournament season typically starts in May, and runs through August.  There may be some tournaments in September and October depending on weather.

Teams are picked by MDH Tournament coaches after tryouts.  We do reserve the right to hold a supplemental tryout to help fill rosters.

The majority of the Tournaments are played locally, but coaches have to right to register the team for an out of state tournament.  Players will be responsible for travel costs for those tournaments.

This is a higher level of competition compared to the in-house league.  Tournaments will have teams at A and B levels playing against each other, but will split into A and B divisions for playoffs.

Players age is as of January 1, 2021.

Chipmunk - Ages 4-6
Penguin - Ages 7-9
Beaver - Ages 10-12
Cadet - Ages 13-15
Freshman - Ages 16-19



October 27th
6:00pm Penguin Tryouts (Ages 7-9)
7:15pm Beaver Tryouts (Ages 10-12)
8:30pm Cadet Tryouts (Ages 13-15)

November 1st
2:30pm Beaver Tryouts (Ages 10-12)
3:45pm Penguin Tryouts (Ages 7-9)
5:00pm Cadet Tryouts (Ages 13-15)

Tryout Fee: $5 due at registration.  

Players interested in playing for the MDH Tournament Team MUST register online, and attend one (1) tryout.

Tournament Team Costs:
(a) $315 paid in full by January 1, 2020 or roster spot will not be guaranteed.

(b)  Fees covers new uniforms, tournaments and practices.

(c)  Number of tournaments covered will be determined after 2021 tournament rates.  On average, each team will get 5 local tournaments.  If teams decide to play out of town tournaments, the number of tournaments covered my drop due to the higher cost.



$7 per person

Monday - Wednesday



$5 per person

Monday - Friday

*Times will vary. Please check the schedule online or call ahead before committing to a time. (724) 325-2244