3 on 3 Bash4Kash

Quebec Ballhockey Style


Saturday, June 30th & Sunday, July 1st

3 on 3
Games are two 12-minute periods with running time, clock stops for penalties
No Offside or icing
Grabbing the ball is legal
Shooting the ball DIRECTLY OUT of the rink is a penalty.  Into the bench is not.
Penalties are penalty shots
When scored upon, defending team takes possession at goal line
Round Robin games that are tied will play 3 min. sudden death of 2 on 2.
If still tied after 3 minutes, teams will play 1 on 1 until a goal is scored
Any other rules will follow the Murrysville Dek Hockey league rules

$455 – each team is guaranteed at least 3 games

$4,000 CASH

8 players roster max.
Each team may only have 1 “A” Player.
See coolhockeyevents.com list of player restrictions.
Ballhockey.com will be used for Canadian players.
Tournament Director will have final say on rosters.
Numbers of teams limited; teams will be entered on first to pay basis.

Contact: Steve Russell at steve@pjdogsitters.com or call 412-400-9146