Youth Soccer League

Murrysville Sportzone Indoor Soccer Rules

Number of Players:
A maximum number of 12 players on the roster may dress and participate in a particular game. Additions to rosters must be approved by Murrysvile Sportzone staff. All rosters must be submitted by the first game. You can add players to the roster prior to your second game. All rosters will be frozen after the second game. Any player who is not on your roster and plays will result in a forfeit. Players cannot be rostered on teams in the same league. Roster challenges must take place before or during a game. Murrysville Sportzone referees and staff reserve the right to challenge a team’s roster if they believe there are non-rostered players participating. If a challenge takes place, the referee will contact the Murrysville Sportzone manager on duty. The clock will continue to run during all challenges. The Murrysville Sportzone manager on duty will research the challenge while the game continues and report their findings at the next stoppage of play. Any use of a non-rostered or illegal player will result in that team’s immediate forfeit of the game.

*All leagues will be 5v5 plus a goalie*

Clock:  The clock runs continuously. It will only stop at the discretion of the referee or scorekeeper. The game is comprised of two (2) equal 20-minute halves

Timeouts: Each team is allowed one (1) one minute time-out per half. Time-outs may be granted when the team making the request has possession of the ball and when the ball is out of play, or a save by the keeper is made, or after a goal is scored.

Benches: The Home team will occupy the home bench and half for the entire game. The Away team will occupy the away bench and half for the entire game. There will be no switching of halves at halftime.

• All players must be in their own half.
• Defenders must be outside the center circle.
• The ball must be stationary at the center mark.
• The referee gives a signal with the whistle.
• All kick-offs can be played backwards. No power shots toward the goal from kick off.
• A goal may not be scored directly from a kick-off.

League Scoring:
• 3 points for a win
• 1 point for a tie
• 0 points for a loss

Free Kicks & Restarts: All free kicks and restarts (excluding kick offs) are direct.
Opposing players must stand ten (10) feet from the ball and must not gesture in any way
that will interfere with the taking of the kick. All players have 4 seconds to play the ball
after being signaled to do so by the referee. If a team does not play the ball in the allotted
time, possession of the ball is then awarded to the opponent.

Out of Bounds: When the ball hits the netting, the ball is considered out of bounds and a
restart is given to the proper team near where the ball went out of bounds. If the ball hits the netting behind the goal by a defender, the offensive team will be awarded a corner kick. If the ball hits the netting behind the goal by the offensive, a restart is given to the goalie. The ball is out of play if it goes into the bench area, a restart is given near where the ball went out of play.

Holding the Boards: A player may only grab the boards to protect him/herself. Using
the boards to gain an advantage will result in a restart for the opposition.

Ceiling: Balls that strike the netting on the ceiling will restart in the field directly below
where the ball hit. If the ball hits the netting above the penalty area, the restart will take
place at the top of penalty area.

Chewing Gum: is strictly prohibited. Any player chewing gum on the field will be given
a blue card.

Jumping Boards: No jumping of the boards is allowed. All players must enter and exit the rink using the bench door for substitutions.

Slide Tackling: Slide tackling is not allowed except for the goalie in the penalty area.
Sliding to offensively strike the ball or defensively clear the ball when no opposing player
is nearby IS acceptable.

Offside Rule: There will be no offsides.

Late Teams: If a team is late or does not have the minimum required number of
players to start the game, the clock will start at the designated game time and 1
additional goal will be awarded to the opposing team. If after 5 minutes the team still
does not have the needed number of players – the game will be forfeited.

Forfeit Rule: In the case of a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded a 3-0 victory.

Mercy Rule: When a team is up 5 goals they will be required to remove a player from the field. The player can be added once the differential drops below 5.

Headers: No heading of the ball for U10 and under.

Goalkeepers: Throw-ins and kick-ins only, no punting. The goalkeeper must wear a jersey, which distinguishes him/her from the other players on the field. Goalkeepers may change on the fly as per regular substitution procedures. Goalkeepers cannot score with their hands.  Goalkeepers can bounce the ball. Goalkeepers must distribute the ball to another player within 4 seconds. The ball cannot be thrown or kicked in the air over mid field by keepers. Goalie throws must clear the penalty area or a re-throw occurs.

Goalkeeper throw-in/kick-in violation: If the goalkeeper does not distribute the ball within 4 seconds, an indirect free kick will be given to the opposing team at the top of the penalty box.

ZERO TOLERANCE for REFEREE’S: Referees are required to conduct themselves
in a businesslike, sportsmanlike, impartial, and constructive manner at all times. The
actions of an official must be above reproach. Actions such as baiting or inciting players
or coaches are strictly prohibited. Officials are ambassadors of the game and must
always conduct themselves with this responsibility in mind.

ZERO TOLERANCE: The game will be stopped by the referee when any player, parent, coach, or spectator displaying inappropriate or disruptive behavior towards another player, official, coach or spectator. Penalties will be given to any player, parent, coach, or spectator who uses obscene or abusive language, openly disputes or argues with officials, or visually displays any sign of dissatisfaction with an official’s decision including standing on the benches, hanging from the walls or blocking the bench or field entryway. Any time a player, parent, coach, or spectator persists in any of these actions they will be given a penalty. The referee has the right to remove any player, parent, coach, or spectator from the building for disruptive behavior. If a player, parent, coach, or spectator is removed, they are suspended from the property for the day and must serve a 1 game suspension.

FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: Fighting will not be tolerated. The
game will end immediately regardless of the time remaining on the clock. Any player
red carded for fighting will be expelled from the league. Any player who leaves
the bench area to engage in misconduct will receive a red card. Murrysville Sportzone staff
reserves the right to fine any player/team/coach/parent before returning to play.

Red Card Suspensions:

1 Red Card = 1 Week Suspension
Second red card in one season = 2 Week Suspension
Third red card in one season = League Suspension.
3 Red Cards/Team one game = Forfeit
Murrysville Sportzone staff reserves the right to fine any players/teams/coaches before returning
to play. Murrysville Sportzone staff reserves the right to adjust the suspension length.

Red Card Violations:

1) Striking or Fighting
2) Violent Conduct or Serious foul play
3) Abusive or aggressive foul language to any player, official or patron of Murrysville Sportzone Arena
4) Physically contacting a game official
5) Spitting at an opponent or game official
6) Charging the goalie

Red Card: 5 minute penalty to be served by a teammate of the player/coach that was
sent off. The referee will not restart the game until the penalized player/coach is
removed from the building. The opposing team will be awarded a power play the entire
duration of the penalty, regardless of how many goals are scored. Any player receiving
a red card will result in their team losing one point from the team’s total scoring.

Blue/Yellow Card Violations:
1) Any dangerous or unnecessary foul
2) Boarding
3) Illegal substitution
4) Abusing the shin guard, jewelry or equipment policy
5) Goalkeeper intentionally handling the ball outside the penalty area (referee’s discretion)
6) Encroachment
7) Dissent by words or actions
8) Unsportsmanlike behavior
9) Unauthorized people in the team bench area
10) Tampering with the game clock

Blue/Yellow Card: 2 Minute Penalty. A player must serve his/her own penalty. A team must play shorthanded for two minutes unless the opponent scores a goal before the two
minutes have expired. A player who commits a foul inside his/her penalty area that is
worthy of a penalty kick will receive a blue card. The penalized team can return to full
strength if the penalty kick is successful or if the opposition scores a goal within the two
minute penalty. When both teams receive an equal number of blue cards, they must
both play shorthanded for the full two minutes. A player guilty of two Blue card penalties in a game, will receive a Red card.
ROUGH PLAY – After a team’s second blue card violation, any additional blue
cards will result in a 5 minute penalty. The team will play shorthanded the entire
five minutes regardless of the number of goals scored against them.

Multiple Penalties: A maximum of two penalties shall count down simultaneously. If a
player is penalized while two players on his/her team are serving penalties, the third or
fourth penalty shall not commence until the penalty time of either first penalized player
has expired.

Fouls: Any player who kicks, trips, strikes, boards, jumps at, pushes, holds, charges, commits dangerous play, obstructs or handles the ball will be penalized by awarding a free kick to the opposition.

The referees are responsible for controlling the game and have authority when they are on the field. One official will be responsible for all league games.

Player and Team Equipment:
• Uniforms must be of the same color for the entire team.
• Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players and the
• Shin guards must be worn and covered by socks.
• Jewelry of any kind is strictly prohibited and must be removed.
• Braces must be properly padded to the satisfaction of the referee.
• Players will be allowed to play with eyeglasses
• Footwear must be a flat-soled indoor shoe or a gym shoe. Turf shoes are not
recommended. Cleats will not be allowed in any league.
• Players playing with a cast below the elbow need to ensure the cast is wrapped in
bubble wrap or other cushioned material before entering the field.
• One warning will be given for equipment violations. Time penalties may be assessed

Injured Player: Any injured player must be removed from the field. This player can then enter at the next substitution opportunity. An injured goalkeeper may stay in the game. Under no circumstances is a player allowed to continue to play while he/she has an open wound and blood is evident. Any blood must be covered with a bandage.

The Ball: A size 4 futsal ball will be used for all adult through U-13 games. A size 3 futsal ball will be used for U-12 and under.

Substitution: May occur on an unlimited basis and “on the fly,” provided the player
leaving the field and the player entering the field do not participate in the play while they
are simultaneously on the field. The substitution must also occur within 10 feet of the
bench area. Any teammate may change place with the goalkeeper at any time as per
regular substitution procedures, provided the goalkeeper wears a jersey that
distinguishes him/her from the other players. All substitutions must use the bench door; no jumping of the boards is allowed.

Team Payments: Payment must be made by the start of the first game of the season. Changes in payment policy must be approved by Murrysville Sportzone staff.